Change With Changes..

Krinda Joy Carlson









Like tabs on the file in my brain, these are the markers of change occurring in my life over the past three weeks.  Open this file with me named:  CHANGES:  From Hawaii to Cali

 Suitcases – All my clothes (and whatever else fit) shoved into two suitcases and checked at the airport.  It cost $100 to send my life from Hawaii to the mainland.

 Heart – My heart has grown to make room for another…having my single status change for the first significant time gave me two choices: adapt my heart, or keep it “as is” and RUN.  I chose not to run.

 Plane – The agent of my change, hurtling me through the sky at a pace I still have not caught up with yet.

 Boxes – Holding books, movies, dishes, candles, and whatever else of what was my life…and they still await unpacking.

 Jobs – Starting over.  Leaving friends and co-workers, the familiar, and now a whole new skill set is needed.

 Homes – I still don’t have one.  In the past 3 weeks I’ve lived in 3 different homes and slept on 2 couches and one mattress…on the floor.

 Oceans – The ocean feels like a freezer on the West coast!  Just saying.

 Cultures – Aloha…I miss it.  Now, Aloha to a little faster pace, people that don’t say hi back, and no POG, Poke Bowls, eggs and rice, and no of da-kine.  Tragic!

Each of these pages from my CHANGES file carries a whole set of emotions and adjustments with them, which I experience when I open my eyes in the morning, ALL AT ONE TIME.  With the onslaught of new-ness, I realize one thing we often forget when our life alters…


 We cannot stay the same, think the same, or live the same when something in our life experiences a shift.  Otherwise our lives, our hearts, and our minds will never completely grow and we’ll always be circling back to the same mentalities as before.  I recently went through a class by The Pacific Institute (TPI) that explains how our minds continually seek to stabilize our lives back to our “comfort zone” when we experience any shift of our “normal.”   If we don’t recognize this, we will constantly be taking actions that bring us back to what we’re “used to,” thus bringing the past constantly into the present.  As TPI teaches, in order to change, we must not try to “fix” situations that make us uncomfortable, but to allow ourselves to be stretched and expanded so we can progress. 

 I know for me, there are times I shy away from situations because I’m not comfortable, or I don’t fully throw myself into the new things God brings into my life all because I just want to get back to my old “NORMAL.”  But, we allow a change of our minds and mind-sets to fully embrace what God brings into our life.

 Romans 12:2 says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will. “

 This transformation does not just happen when you let Jesus into your life the first time.  It is continual because we constantly walk a journey seeking God’s perfect will.  If we want to grow in the Lord in our lives, our minds must be made new daily.  We must ALLOW ourselves to think, embrace, experience, and expand with changes!

You want to know the truth, my friend?  I did not want to get on that plane that took me onto these changes in my life.  I was petrified! Sometimes I still am! My brain wants to tell me it’s comfortable to be single, that the tears I poured out on the plane are a bad thing, that a new job is scary so I should just stay with what I know, that boxes and suitcases and couches are horrible. But my mind can’t expand and transform to achieve God’s perfect will in my life if I refuse to embrace something new. I don’t want my future to be what I already KNOW but what I can’t even imagine as I GROW. So I change my mind to think:

 These changes are really all a grand adventure! 

 It may be freezing, but I’ll just have to jump into this new ocean. 

All of a sudden, I feel ALIVE.

 God’s perfect will is here, in this file of changes where I take myself out of my comfort zone and submerge myself into a new mindset.

 What do the tabs on your CHANGES file say? 

Let your mind, heart, life, and emotions change so that instead of cowering along the new path, you can embrace the adventure!   COME ALIVE IN THE NEWNESS!


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