got gifts?

We here at KnowGodKnowLove would like to extend our aloha and ask for your help this Christmas season. With Christmas around the corner, we would like your help in supporting our ministry and future endeavors we will be participating in.

We have 3 different KGKL shirts (S-XL) that we are selling and the proceeds go to making our next relationship conference this coming May 2012.

Our KGKL Faith design comes in three colors: Black with teal lettering, Heather Charcoal with red lettering and Heather Denim with gray lettering. The front says KGKL KNOWGODKNOWLOVE and the back reads “WE LIVE BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT 2 CORINTHIANS 5:7”

A big thank you to those of you who have already bought shirts.You guys are awesomeeee!!



One thought on “got gifts?

  1. I am very impressed with the whole hearted commitment I saw, as I made myself familiar with your organization. It is readily apparent that much prayer and preparation went into creating KGKL and I can see the Light in each team members picture. The leading of the Lord and professionalism that is exhibited here made my heart very happy.
    I hope that the people, who find you are reminded of their “First Love” when they read the articles and visit you. Do not let anything steal your joy or zeal for the Lord and continue to be a Light and a Beacon to dark and dying world that brings hope, The Good News.
    Prosper in all that you do, Ptr JD

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