the “right” one?

From a friend:

(True) Christian guys don’t care about your hair being perfect. We don’t care if you shop at Urban Outfitters or Hollister. We don’t care if you have  boobs or a tight butt. We don’t care if you’re popular, or if you can text from the time you wake up, to the time you can go to sleep. Let me tell you what we do care about. We care about your heart. We care most when you treat everyone you meet with love. We care about authenticity. We care about your raging passion for God. We find you most attractive when you’re praising your guts out. You’re hot as crap, when you’re praying for the lost. And we love when you pour your love for Christ into us. Take note, because like you, we are praying that God sends us the right one too. WORD.


Let me tell you (to me), there is nothing more attractive than genuinely seeing a woman on fire for God..nuff said

-Joshua De Gracia


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