We are the Joshua Generation..

Grace Morita

You know the story about Moses and the Promise Land.  God gave Moses a vision of the blessings to come, of the Promise Land, and He told Moses how to get there.  But Moses got distracted and disobeyed Him, and God punished Moses and his people and had them walk right around the Promise Land for forty years.

By the time forty years passed, all the people in Moses’s generation passed away… and a new generation of people arose.  Moses’s son, Joshua, became the leader.  God gave him a vision of the Promise Land and told him how to get there, and because Joshua was obedient to God’s will, Joshua and his people prospered and experienced what God revealed to them through the vision.

We’ve been led around and around the Promise Land because of feelings and emotions and regrets and the past and discouragement and sin and temptation.  We lead ourselves in circles around God’s true will because we are disobedient and unfocused.  We try so hard, looking for something that is already there.

But not anymore – we are the Joshua generation.  We are the revival.  It’s true that we as Christians tend to seek revival in so many places, as if revival is a prize that we win.  As if a revival in the church is something that is sought after and found.  God wants us to understand that true revival happens in our hearts… it happens when we decide to commit all of ourselves to His will.  Once it happens in our hearts and in our individual spirtual walks, the church as a whole will be led to the Promise Land – the land of abundant blessings.  When we, the obedient Joshua generation, decide to stop looking down but start looking forward toward Him, we will be led straight into His will.

But it has to happen within us.  It has to happen in our hearts.  It has to be a conscious decision that we make… a decision to stop focusing on the things of this world and start focusing on Him.


One thought on “We are the Joshua Generation..

  1. I don’t mean to undermine this post because I really love the message you are putting out.
    But, one big thing that really bothers me about his post is that Joshua wasn’t Moses’s son. Joshua was the son of Nun. For verse ref go to Joshua 1:1

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